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Must-have Travel Medical kit for kids

No one wants a sick kid, especially when you are traveling. A travel medical kit is one of the first things I put in my diaper bag when I start packing for a trip.

I have traveled with my kids during high fever, clogged nose, and viral. Thankfully they haven’t been sick during the trip, though a lot of expected scrapes and bruises have been encountered.

Kids are like tiny tornadoes of energy and curiosity, and they can get sick anytime, anywhere. From minor mishaps to unexpected bug bites, having the right supplies can turn a potential meltdown into a moment of quick relief.

Along with my top 10 travel essentials, a travel medical kit is a must! Of course, there are doctors everywhere in the world and you would usually find that they are good and affordable. If your child is sick, and you aren’t sure what is wrong, please go to a nearby doctor/hospital to get them checked.


Mom reading book to kid. Ensuring her safety
Traveling with kids can come with some unpredictability

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Here is the list of items in my must-have travel medical kit for kids that every parent needs during those travel days.

These are must-haves for any situation let alone for travel. I always always have these magic boo-boo erasers in my back pocket. Some days it's not even scrapes but the “idea” of a scrape. Parents know what I’m talking about! Stick that one bandaid and you go from crying baby to happy baby in seconds.


I have a big ointment at home for any cuts or burns. For travel kit, I carry these small travel-sized sachets that squirt out the right amount for multiple accidents. I have used one sachet 6-7 times.


I am a huge believer in applying anything that’s natural. And what better than good old Aloe Vera gel? These are especially helpful for unforeseen dry skin, skin rashes, and redness without additional smell or layer.


When you travel, you cannot really predict bites from mosquitoes especially if you are hiking or planning to be in the woods. These are the best solution for quick relief from bugs and any extreme allergy. Sometimes my daughter gets redness in her private areas, I clean it with water and spray this. The itchiness and redness are pretty much gone in a few minutes.


Again, this is something I use at home, and the medicine is prescribed by the doctors. (Please check with your doctor if your little one needs it).

Once I had flown with my daughter (then 3 yr old) with a super stuffy nose and congested chest. This nebulizer helped her breathe in the airplane and gave some rest to her incessant coughs. 


This is something that all moms need during bad days. So what do you do when your little one is sick and has a high fever? You can use Baby or Kids Tylenol (only recommended amount) when your baby/kid is down with a fever or has any pain. These work wonders during the teething phase as well. 


This is like a magic potion that most moms swear by. It helps curb any digestive issues, stomachaches, or colic issues that can easily come with different food they eat during travel. Oh and somehow, if your baby hasn't pooped for a few days (again very common during travel) this literally opens up their system and you will have a poop within 24 hours. Thank me later!


Kids are very sensitive and so are their little noses. They can have a blocked nose pretty much anytime. This is my go-to for a dry nose or during viral/flu. I especially give saline solution to my daughter during the flight as the air gets super dry inside. It clears up their nostrils immediately.


This is another life savior for parents whose babies/toddlers get boogies very easily or congested. I would put a few drops of saline solution first then wait for the mucus to thin and suck the stubborn snot out of her nose using nose Frida. You wouldn’t believe how much mucus can be stored in those tiny noses. These come with little filters that can be after changed after few usages. 


This medicine was recommended to me by a momma friend and I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have this by your side. You can get it over the counter at Walmart or any local store. This works instantly and gives them undisturbed sleep all through the night even if they are sick. They have a day and a night syrup and I got both.


 I hope these must-have travel medical kit for kids helps ease out the stress during your upcoming travel journeys.



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