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Spending time with my kids in different countries
"Not everyone who wanders is lost" 

  J.R.R. Tolkien

My Story

Welcome to my travel blog, where I pour my heart into sharing tips and guides that inspire and empowers moms and families to fearlessly take that flight and explore the world.


Hailing from Texas, USA, I'm Dimple, a proud mom of two wonderful girls, Samayra and Anaysha, celebrating 11 wonderful years of marriage with my husband, Sameer. A consultant by day and a blogger by night.

The wanderlust bug bit me early, courtesy of my dad's wise words, "Travel opens both the mind and the heart." As I've grown, I've taken that sentiment to heart. Since then, I have traveled to 14 countries (with family and husband) and 8 with my kids.


When I was planning a trip to Singapore and Bali with my 6-month-old as a first-time mom,  I noticed an information gap when it came to kid-friendly travel. The search often led to predictable destinations like Disneyland or Universal theme parks, missing the richness of travel experiences suitable for families with little ones.


In a world where women are often told that travel after having kids is an insurmountable challenge, I stand here to debunk that myth.

I firmly believe that women can indeed travel after having kids, whether accompanied by their little ones or venturing out solo. The key to making it work lies in cultivating confidence. Trust yourself to navigate the inevitable challenges that come with travel, much like the daily onslaught of tantrums and the unpredictable nature of parenting.


As women, we already face the rollercoaster of unpredictable days with our children on our shoulders, making us resilient and adaptable. It's time for fellow mothers to witness and believe that travel is not just a possibility but a rewarding reality. Whether it's exploring as a family, embarking on solo adventures, or sharing the journey with partners and girlfriends, my tips and inspiration are crafted to empower women to take that leap.



This blog isn't just about destinations; it's a personal journey of uncovering unique experiences and activities that resonated with me. A narrative of personal anecdotes and insights, personal reviews, and guides.


My mission is to inspire families to travel with their kids by sharing my genuine love of travel.

Meet my little family

Sameer (Sam)

All-time a finance lover but a consultant in his day job. He loves his Excel spreadsheet for everything. I mean everything! A diplomat in nature. He can diffuse any fight or war in a matter of seconds just by his calm voice and logic. He thinks I’m bossy, I think he is cute :)


A born leader with the kindest soul possible. She got her first passport stamp at a mere 2 months when we visited New York on a family trip to meet my sister and parents. She wants to be a unicorn when she grows up. Though I think she could be a teacher or a doctor one day.  She is obsessed with anything animal be that dog, cat, elephant, or llama, She wants to take everyone home. Her biggest obsession is to see orca whales one day.


The little gangster who has the sweetest and naughtiest smile. Even though she is a pandemic baby, her first international trip was at 18 months during our Singapore and Thailand trip. She was born to rule and bully anyone who messes with her. She loves playing with stickers and painting her toes. I think she will become a lawyer with her killer attitude or a movie star with her killer looks!


Whether you're considering a family trip or contemplating the idea of solo exploration as a woman, I've crafted this space to offer the essential information that goes beyond the surface. It's about providing you with the confidence to plan vacations that go beyond the ordinary, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Join me in exploring the world one experience at a time - After all the world is our oyster!!

Where I've Been 

24 Countries 

8 Countries with kids 

64 Cities

My Favorite Places 

Family Travel- Brazil, Singapore 

Adventure- Chiang Mai(Thailand) 

Food- Japan 

Beaches- Mexico 

Get in touch

Drop in your comments or notes for any travel related questions. I am always happy to help. 

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