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Honest Review- Parque Explora, Colombia with Kids

Is the famous Parque Explora in Medellin really worth the hype?

Happy family of two kids in Parque Explora
On our way to exploring Parque Explora

The 6-3-1 rule

I mostly follow a 60/30/10 rule when traveling with my two kids, who were 2 and 4 years old at the time.

  • This means that we allocate 60% of our activities and explorations to those that cater to adults' interests, such as hiking, city walking tours, and visiting shrines.

  • The subsequent 30% of our plans are dedicated to excursions and activities specifically tailored for children, including visits to parks, and children’s museums, engaging in sand play, beach activities, and exploring zoos.

  • The remaining 10% of our itinerary is reserved for activities that cater to both us (adults) and the kids such as swimming, visiting hot springs, marveling at waterfalls, and exploring volcanoes.

This approach ensures that our vacation is enjoyable for all of us, and everyone returns home content.

Criteria for choosing Kids Activities/Excursions:

When selecting activities specific for the kids, I typically peruse TripAdvisor, various blogs, and YouTube channels to compile a comprehensive list (Yes, I'm that mom!). I then evaluate these options based on specific criteria, as outlined below, and arrange them in order of preference.

My selection criteria choosing the activities from that list include:

  1. Cost: I prioritize activities that are either free or budget-friendly. Given, we already spend a substantial amount associated with travel planning, opting for cost-effective or complimentary activities allows us to maximize our experiences without straining our budget.

  2. Location: I favor activities that are conveniently situated near landmarks or areas included in our primary itinerary (Read the 60% of activities). This helps us efficient time management and minimizes detours and backtracking.

  3. Duration: Nobody wants to be stuck in a lengthy museum visit, especially with young children in tow. Therefore, I gravitate towards activities that don't demand excessive time commitments. Ideally, our engagements should last around 1.5 hours, allowing for snack breaks on the go. I usually consider much longer activities, lasting up to 3 hours, if they include stop over for lunch.

  4. Popularity: While popular attractions may offer unique experiences, they often tend to be overcrowded, depriving kids of the freedom to roam and explore. Hence, I prioritize less crowded venues that offer enriching experiences for the right reasons.

During the planning phase of my trip to Colombia, particularly Medellín, many recommendations pointed towards Parque Explora for kids. Upon further research, it aligned perfectly with my selection criteria (above). So i had this in my back pocket to include in our itinerary.

About Parque Explora:

Parque Explora is as an interactive science museum nestled in the heart of Medellín, Colombia. Boasting an array of attractions, including an aquarium with a focus on the Amazon, a planetarium, and a public experimentation workshop known as Exploratori.

First Impressions:

Upon entering the open play area, Sala Abierta, we were greeted with different exhibits of dinosaurs. My kids knew this was the place for them to explore and play.

Brachiosaurus right at the entrance towards the metro station
Brachiosaurus right at the entrance towards the metro station

|Fun Fact: "Did you know that Parque Explora houses one of the largest aquariums in South America?"

Admission Cost:

For a family of four, we paid 116,000 COP (approximately $35 USD).

We skipped the planetarium tickets for kids. You can get tickets by paying extra for it.

Insider Tips:

  1. Treat your little ones to ice cream in the open space area.

  2. Alternatively, a food court on the first floor provides convenient dining options, albeit slightly pricey. Consider heading to the Botanical Gardens for a more budget-friendly meal if hunger strikes.

Keeping my 2 year old busy with some icecream at Parque explora
Keeping my 2 year old busy with some icecream

Accessibility with Children:

Strollers - Yes Carrier- Yes

Parque Explora accommodates strollers with ease, with ample elevators for navigation.

I was mostly wearing my 2-year-old in a baby carrier as she was super tired from the long day.

You can just chill and enjoy a picnic or you can also checkout the nearby attractions like the aquarium and other museums. All museums are reasonably priced and you can also grab lunch at the shopping center across the street. The main street is closed off to traffic during the weekends so a lot of locals come to just hang out and walk around and enjoy the weather, etc

Getting There:

Metro has routes with direct access to the Universidad, Parque Explora, Parque Botanica and the Planetarium. We planned to explore Parque Arvi for which we had parked our car at Universidad. This gave us easy access to Parque Explora on our return.


Parque Explora houses a diverse range of exhibits for visitors of all ages. Although some of the different activities didn’t work for us, those that did were informative and fun. Here are some that we liked with kids:

The jungle gym in Kids room in Parque Explora
The Kids room
  1. Kids' Room: (Time spent -30 minutes)

The kids rooms is great for families that are visiting with little ones like myself. My kids went crazy in that little area where they jumped around in the giant jungle gym. It gave us much needed rest as well given we were out the entire day.

2. Terrarium (Time Spent -10 min)

The vivarium showcases an array of smaller creatures, including snakes and frogs native to Colombia's Amazon region. My 2 year old loved watching the animals and point ‘itt natte”

The open dinosaur exhibit on the first floor of Parque Explora
The open dinosaur exhibit on the first floor

3. Dinosaur Exhibit (Time spent- 15 min)

Featuring an impressive array of dinosaur sculptures, both indoors and outdoors, With the cloudy day, it really felt like exhibition for Jurassic park. My 4-year-old loved clicking pictures with each of the dinosaurs. It was raining at that time, otherwise, it was a good place to run around for kids.

4. Music Room (Time spent-5 min)

You can create your own music through experiments based on synesthesia, that is to say that there the senses intermingle in a new way, allowing you to play sounds, see songs, etc.

4 yr old loved learning about amazon fishes in Aquarium in Parque Explora
4 yr old loved learning about amazon fishes in Aquarium

5. Aquarium (Time spent- 15 min)

This was our last spot we explored. It wasn’t as large but had three floors dedicated to fishes from amazon. it was enough to keep the kids engaged and excited.

Final Thoughts:

The time spent at Parque Explora was worthwhile. If you are coming to Medellin with kids (young or older), i would definitely recommend coming here.

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